Coast Integrated offers specialized solutions for a range of industrial process equipment needs. We evaluate your unique requirements associated with your specific application needs to determine the best approach for optimizing your production processes. From poly tanks and transfer pumps designed to provide the infrastructure to transfer, store, and handle fluids efficiently, to compressed air systems of all sizes designed to meet your current and future process air needs, we’re your one-stop shop for end-to-end industrial process solutions.

Optimize Your Production Processes

Investing in the latest process equipment for your industrial production needs helps optimize processes, improving efficiency and lowering costs. Companies can also reduce downtime when they use more reliable equipment, which ensures precise control over output quality. Customized industrial process equipment also results in streamlined production processes, providing industrial businesses with the edge they need to stay ahead of their competition.

At Coast Integrated, we work directly with industry-leading vendors to help you resolve your industrial process challenges. Our engineers consider your budget and application needs and offer free consultations to refine your equipment specifications to ensure we meet your application needs. Explore our process equipment solutions:

  • Poly Tanks – Mainly used to store liquids and chemicals and available in various sizes and shapes These tanks are manufactured with materials that are FDA/USDA approved for direct food contact. They withstand corrosion and high temperatures and frequently require less red tape and are more economical than similar stainless steel tanks.
  • Compressed Air Systems – These systems create and store pressurized air to help produce power or move materials. Clean, dry, and efficient compressed air is an integral part of most production processes and is used to operate lifts, power pneumatic cylinders, and more.
  • Transfer Pumps – Ideal for moving liquids from one location to another using pressure created by various moving parts. Configurable as pneumatically or electronically driven, and with a wide range of volume ratings and flow effector types.

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Want to learn more about our custom-engineered solutions for your production needs? Coast Integrated is your leading manufacturer representative for end-to-end solutions for industrial process equipment and other automated systems. Whether you need full turnkey systems or single equipment upgrades for your production chain, our engineers will help you understand your available options, and support you throughout the entire process. 

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